Recording of IAFC Webinar on Relationship Interoperability Now Available

If you missed our IAFC-sponsored webinar, Relationship Interoperability: How to Excel at the Human Side of Operational Effectiveness, you can listen to it now! Simply go to the Resources page of this web site and scroll down to the bottom. And let us know what you think! © 2014 Pat Lynch. All rights reserved.

Framing: A Critical Leadership Skill

Although there are many aspects of our lives over which we have little or no control, the fact is that we ALWAYS get to choose how we experience any given situation. Framing means putting something in perspective so you and others can understand it quickly and accurately. It is an essential leadership skill because it [Continue Reading…]

How to Inspire Employees to Engage in Community Service Activities

Recently, a PIO asked me for advice about how to get recruits and members involved in the department’s community service activities. I told him that his message must be compelling. The fastest way to grab any audience’s attention is to tell them up front what’s in it for them to do whatever it is you’re [Continue Reading…]

The ROI (Return on Investment) of Storytelling

Inspired by the story of one of their own members who is a 10-year breast cancer survivor, members of Long Beach (CA) Firefighters Local 372 took action to support Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. What they did seemed relatively straightforward: print 500 pink t-shirts, distribute them to department members and community groups, and take [Continue Reading…]

“Connect the Dots” Series: Who Knew Fire Departments Foster Economic Growth?

During a conversation this week about the work I do with first responder clients, a colleague asked me what value fire departments provide. Here’s how the conversation went: Pat: They save lives, protect property and the environment, and foster economic growth. Colleague: Wait – what? What do you mean they foster economic growth? How do [Continue Reading…]

“Connect the Dots” Series: Let the Media Showcase Your Value

The Long Beach (CA) Fire Department’s Junior Lifeguard program is a time-honored tradition in the beach city the department’s lifeguards have served since 1906. Started in the late 1960s, the Marine Safety Division’s Junior Lifeguard program provides students from ages 9 to 17 the opportunity to learn about topics such as lifeguard rescue techniques, emergency [Continue Reading…]

Introducing the “Connect the Dots” Series

Does your agency do a stellar job of demonstrating its impact on public safety? If not, then my new series “Connect the Dots” may be of interest to you. “Connect the Dots” is a series of periodic articles, case studies, and examples that illustrate the value first responders provide to their communities and suggest ways [Continue Reading…]

7 Steps to Marketing Your Agency’s Value

Creating and maintaining a positive public image is a high priority for many public safety agencies. In response to a request from a fire chief for a simple marketing plan, I created a 7-step process that is outlined below. Step 1: Mindset: focus your approach Just as conducting a size-up when you arrive on the [Continue Reading…]

Is What Happens after “Thank You” Hurting Public Safety in YOUR Community?

Is your community’s level of public safety suffering because of how your employees respond when stakeholders say “Thank you?” Consider this scenario: a family was involved in a multiple-vehicle crash that left them trapped in their burning car. Law enforcement officers took control of the scene and assisted with the rescue as firefighters put out [Continue Reading…]

Webinar: How to Impress the Community and Rally Key Support

Does your agency get the resources it needs to provide a responsible level of public safety for your community? If not, perhaps it’s because decision-makers don’t recognize the value you provide. If that’s the case, then public safety professionals must look at whether they have done a good job of identifying and communicating their value. [Continue Reading…]