Client Results

Here is a partial list of outcomes that Dr. Pat Lynch has helped her public safety clients achieve, and brief descriptions of how they were attained:



More cohesive leadership team Facilitated executive development workshops
Enhanced leadership skills Provided executive coaching to a new fire chief
Ability to educate members and stakeholders about the value the agency provides the community Created and implemented a service optimization process
Optimized staff resources Developed a systematic process for prioritizing and allocating staff resources
Improved organizational effectiveness Developed a process to capture institutional knowledge
Ability to fill open positions with people who are willing and able to perform the necessary tasks and achieve the desired outcomes Created a comprehensive succession process and detailed implementation plan
A clear direction for the agency Designed and managed a collaborative process to develop a department strategy; wrote a detailed implementation plan
Dramatic reduction in the number of disciplinary issues that require referral to city HR department for resolution Designed and facilitated a collaborative process to identify and define core values in behavioral terms at the agency, work unit, and individual levels
Improved alignment throughout the agency Designed and facilitated a collaborative process to create a shared vision of the agency’s desired future by its members
Retention of two experienced supervisory level officers Mediated a successful resolution of a highly charged workplace conflict between two supervisory level officers that negatively affected their performance
Reduction of the amount of time spent by executives on stakeholders’ complaints about officers’ conduct Designed an organizational complaint resolution process that was perceived as fair and consistent by officers and by stakeholders

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